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両性的 (りょうせいてき)

.⌉⌈. KINK MEME .⌉⌈.


Temporary Rule63 Table

If there is an abnormally large space here in between the above links and the below table I'm not quite sure why, sorry. Just scroll down a ways. edit: trying to fix with raw formatting, same as fulfilled table.



Twilight Lady/Laurie Twilight Lady teasing Laurie about so many men being gay
Comedian/Dan Non-con, Dan is molested by the Comedian
Adrian, Rorschach, Twilight Lady: Gen Adrian takes Rorschach with him to infiltrate one of the Twilight Lady's bordellos out of costume
Janey/Laurie Hate!sex
Comedian/Sally Consensual sex, conception of Laurie
Eddie/Sally Several years after the disbanding of the Minutemen when Laurie was supposedly conceived
Comedian/Dr. Manhattan In Vietnam Dr. Manhattan is still making vague attempts at looking human but not managing
Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid/Rorschach Crossover
Dr. Manhattan/Copies Self-orgy
HJ/CM Hurt/Comfort, CM gets beat up by gang:
Nelly/Rorschach Nelly figures out that Rorschach is gay and tries to fill him with knowledge mentor!Nelly
Comedian/Rorschach No rape, no drugs, consensual, final destination
HJ/CM CM insane and likes pain
Comedian/Captain Metropolis Edward is Nelsons new Dom
Adrian/Dan Dan must persuade Veidt to let Rorschach live
Dan/Laurie/Rorschach The Sam Hamm cracky versions of the characters
Comedian/Ozymandias Angry hate!sex
Richard Nixon/Vagina squid Squick
Rorschach, Dan: Gen Dan is killed instead of the Comedian, angst
Rorschach/Dan Dan's arctic owl suit turns Rorschach on
Captain Axis: Gen Anything
Comedian/Laurie Laurie wants to rebel
Rorschach/Female Rorschach domming a female character
Comedian/Random Soldier Blatant hero worship during Vietnam war
Hollis/Sally/Moloch Hollis and Sally go undercover at one of Moloch's vice dens
Rorschach/Dan Role reversal
Archie/Gunga Diner blimp Squick
Comedian/Adrian Hatefic
Twilight Lady+Minions/Dan+Rorschach Rorschach and Dan captured
Rorschach/Nite Owl Spanking humiliation
Dan/Rorschach Genderswap
Rorschach/John Winchester Crossover, abuse, spanking
Nite Owl II/Batman Crossover
Rorschach, Dan: Gen Rorschach haunts Dan after his death
Nite Owl/Adrian Crack!fic, boys!folder, hallelujah, impotent Dan
Rorschach/V from V for Vendetta Crossover
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach ends up taking advantage of Dan, dub-con, alcohol use
Deadpool/Rorschach Crossover
Dan/Rorschach Rorschach is blindfolded, loss of control
Hollis/Dan Somnaphilia
Comedian/Adrian Shenanigans, Comedian mispronouncing his name a lot
Comedian/Anyone Really long, drawn out sex
Dr. Manhattan/Adrian Adrian being a complete slut
Rorschach: Gen Ambiguous genitalia
Twilight Lady/Laurie Kidnapping, non-con or dub-con
Laurie/Dan heavily implied Dan/Rorschach Dan tries to get Laurie to wear a mask similar to Rorschach’s during sex
Dan/Rorschach Origins of the grappling gun
Adrian/Dr. Manhattan Adrian’s role in Jon and Laurie’s breakup
Dan, Rorschach: Gen Dan’s parents stop by for a visit
Dan/Rorschach, Adrian Veidt forces Dan & Rorschach to have sex with each other
Adrian/Bowie/Jagger Threesome
Jon, Janey: Gen Genderswitch, Janey follows Jon to get the watch
Adrian: Gen Interviewed on the Colbert Report
Dan/Rorshach/Laurie Rorschach’s annual delousing turns into sexy times
Everyone/Rorschach Adrian somehow makes Rorschach exude a chemical everyone wants to jump his bones
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach runs into a male prostitute who looks strikingly similar to Dan inner-conflict
Dan/Rorschach) Dan wants to go somewhere respectable Rorschach acting childish and in a tux
Rorschach, Dan: Gen Rorschach is evicted, Dan offers the Nest as a temporary home
Rorschach/Dan Desperate to keep contact with Dan after the Nite Owl retires, Rorschach offers sexual favors
Dan, Rorschach: Gen Pre-roche, after much prodding Dan finds out Walter’s Day-job
Rorschach/Dan "Sex is the most vile thing two people can ever engage in, and you are supposed to save that for the person you love the most.":
Rorschach: Gen In a full-body suit made of that special fabric
Nite Owl/Rorschach Unrequited, how did they meet
Comedian/Veidt Moneyshot, banter
Comedian/Adrian powerplay, dominance, oral fixation, whispering, orgasm denial bruises and lovebites, hair pulling, cigar burns, maybe a little bondage
Janey/Rorschach Before Janey leaves Jon
Nite Owl II/Rorschach Dan teasing and leading a twitchy Rorschach not so accidental touching, stakeouts in tight places, etc
Captain Axis/CM, implied HJ/CM Captain Axis treating Metropolis like a pet
Silhouette/Male Villain, possibly the Liquidator Non-con, fem!dom
One-sided Dan/Rorschach Masturbation, fantasy
Rorschach/Hawley Griffin Crossover
Twilight Lady/Rorschach Consensual, bondage, spanking, nickname “Freckles”
Nite Owl/Rorschach THE SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON VERSIONS: Nite Owl wants in Rorschach's pants but can't make it work he's either partying down or Rorschach is too busy being NUTTY
Dan/Laurie heavily implied Rorschach/Dan/Laurie Voyeurism/exhibitionism, Dan and Laurie give oblivious Rorschach a show
Adrian Veidt/Edward Blake Adrian offers Blake money for rough sex
SoloVeidt Masturbating to the contents of the boys folder, exhibitionism in front of the large windows of his office
Dan/Rorschach Dan is an owl!furry
Dan/Rorschach Voyeurism, Dan watches Rorschach masturbate
Captain Axis/Nite Owl I One character us hurt, the other takes care of them Feeding/bathing the patient; tender, subtle seduction and touching
Full Cast Orgy, You know what Veidt also pressed 35 minutes ago? THE BUTTON TO RELEASE THE ALIEN SEX POLLEN?
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach flips shit when he sees Carnage hurting/abusing/getting too close to maybe-injured Dan which thus leads to the elevator-drop scene
Comicbook!Veidt/anyone Manly wrinkles and creepy-uncle smile obligatory
Full Cast: Gen Mass gender-swapping or de-aging
Full Cast: Gen AU Teen!Watchmen schoolfic
HJ/CM Angry make-up sex, brutal relationship
Captain Metropolis/Hooded Justice Metropolis tops despite what the others might think, Nelly is always the one in control
Comedian/Rorschach Daddy kink
One-sided Dan/Rorschach Dan breaks Rorschach out of prison due to worry “everyone knows what happens in prison”:
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach treats Dan like a whore
Rorschach/Dan Cocky!Dan seduces a stoic Rorschach Dan flaunts his nakedness after a shower
HJ/CM 63!Nelly, CM’s job is as a pin up girl, HJ finds out
Hollis/Sally Roleplay as Superman and Lois
DB/MM Mothman gets hurt and Dollar Bill has to patch him up Mothman has the fanon stutter and trembly wings
Dan, Rorschach: Gen Rorschach is ftm transgender
Dan/Anyone, Preferably Rorschach Feather fetish
Dan/Anyone, Preferably Rorschach Dan uses his night-vision goggles during sex
One-sided Dan/Rorschach Dan fantasizes about being a whore Rorschach propositions:
Dan/Rorschach Dan being a cocktease
Dan/Rorschach Daniel likes being abused by women---and men, particularly redheads with freckles stalker!Rorschach, BDSM
Comedian/Rorschach/Adrian Non- or dub-con "It seems there's something we finally agree on":
Adrian/Rorschach Rimming, subtle Veidtish dub-con
Daniel/Walter Bathroom stall sex at a fancy restaurant
Rorschach/Dan Glasses and/or goggle fetish Dan is practically blind without his glasses and Rorschach takes advantage of it
Dan/Rorschach Dan gives Rorschach a massage
Comedian/Dan Consensual, bottomslut!Dan
Anyone/Adrian Tickling
Daniel/Rorschach A playful/serious bought of wrestling turns to sexy times, freckle fetish straddling, heavy breathing, friction in the right places, etc perhaps the fight starts when Dan tries getting Rory into the shower
Rorschach/Severus Snape Crossover
Dan/Candlejack Rorschach warns Dan about that dangerous mixture of words but Dan says it out loud anyways, defiantly
Nite Owl II/Captain Metropolis Pity/comfort sex
Comedian/Silk Spectre I Dub-con, the meeting that spawned Sally
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach hears the voice of Daniel Dreiburg in his head telling him to do dirty things to him
Dan/Rorschach Rorschach leaves his coat at Daniel's place Dan picks it up, intending to wash it, and ends up jerking off with it instead Dan is turned on by remembering it when Rorschach wears the item later
Rorschach/Dan/Laurie Threesome, after the jailbreak both Rorschach and Laurie tussle over who gets Dan Rorschach finally agrees to do stuff with Laurie too, Dan & Laurie talk him through his first time with a girl
CM/HJ Nelly crossdressing
Anyone/Rorschach Rorschach being lured into an old, rusty, Ford Econoline with sugar cubes
Rorschach/Nite Owl Sex with a full bladder, not watersports
Dan/Rorschach Dom!Dan, after Ror makes a comment about how soft Dan is he snaps
Hollis/Sally Hollis never married because he couldn't marry Sally
Walter/Anyone Walter is weak, Rorschach punishes, asphyxiation
Eddie Blake, Emishi Haruki: Gen Crossover
Silhouette/Silk Specter Hate!sex
Comedian/Deadpool Crossover, violent!sex
Anybody/Rorschach Rorschach gets hurt, someone other than Dan treats him
Dan/Rorschach Rorschach has no idea about the mechanics of kissing, sex, etc Dan tries to correct this with awkward explanations, ends up with physical demonstrations
Dan/Rorschach Dan takes Rorschach birdwatching
Full Cast Since Crimebusters didn't work out as a crime-fighting group, Ozy reimagined it as a swinger’s club
Mothman/Dollar Bill Oure schmoopy fluff, with Stuttering!Byron and All-American-Boy!Bill
Dan/Rorschach First time being intimate, bondage, blindfold restricted movement, sexual frustration
Dan/Laurie, implied Dan/Rorschach: Gen Dan names his and Laurie’s child Walter
Dan/Rorschach Daniel is badly injured, Rorschach realizes his feelings
Nite Owl II/Rorschach Bandage bondage
Rorschach/Nite Owl Villian!Rorschach, Nite Owl is his nemesis he finds out who Nite Owl is and as "Walter" befriends Daniel he intends to find Daniel's weakness and kill him, but ends up just wanting to protect him
Dan/Rorschach Inappropriate use of sugar cubes
DB/MM Mothman beats up Captain Metropolis after he makes racist statements the fight, or the aftermath, with DB trying to restrain/take care of MM, who's probably very drunk
Rodney/Rorshach Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis
Walter, Dan: Gen 16 year old kids in high school, Walter is a runaway hiding at Dan’s
Sally/Hollis Blindfold, light tickling
Comedian/Rorschach Non-con, tape is made of the act unbeknownst by Rorschach and is sent to Dan
Comedian/Rorschach Both female
One-sided Rorschach/Dan "You keep calling me Walter. I don't like you" "You don't like me- alright, alright. Why is that?" "... Daniel is the only fattie allowed to call me Walter." furious prison cell masturbation, flashbacks, telling fantasies to psychiatrist, actual sex while breaking out
Nite Owl I/Captain Metropolis Hollis is concerned by the Nelly's sudden explosion of bruises and confronts him about them
Dan/Rorschach Rorschach eating a banana in Dan's kitchen
Dan/Rorschach An argument leads to good times, jealous Rorschach
Dan, Rorschach: Gen Dan requires assistance when the zipper on his costume gets stuck tailor!schach
Twilight Lady/Sally Bondage, hair-pulling, chocking, and name calling
Hooded Justice/Minutemen can sex up any guy on the team, as long as it's not his usual lust object Metropolis
Daniel/Rorschach Handcuffs or up against the wall with the bottom incredibly uncomfortable Dom/Sub relationship
Rorschach/Dan Hurt/comfort, Fem!Dan is insecure of her body, dateraped by oc
Comedian/Laurie The Comedian convinces Laurie to dress up in her Mom's old costume to recreate the attempted assault
Rorschach/Adrian "Every king needs a queen"
Dollar Bill/Mothman Byron is shitfaced drunk and Bill knows that he shouldn't give into his advances but he can't help himself hotel sex or sex in public
Rorschach, Ann Coulter: Gen Crossover
Rorschach, Blair Roche: Gen Someone make the Roche case turn out all right Rorschach's bedside manner to the rescued kid a plus
Walter/Dan/Rorschach Dr. Jeyll style, Walter tries to convince Dan that the man he's been sleeping with isn't worth his time with no idea he's talking about himself
Rorschach: Gen Post '75 Rorschach IC and crying Points for heartwrenching sobs, dan comfort and actually stirring up the readers emotions in any way Antarctica-scene not allowed
Adrian, Dan, Laurie: Gen Comic-verse, when Laurie, Adrian, and Dan find out about Rorschach’s death, and how did they react
Dan/Jon Patrick Wilson/Billy Crudup awkward!sex
Rorschach/Dan In the 19th century acting out Phantom of the Opera
Solo-Adrian Adrian and his BOYS folder
Rorschach/Dan Daniel is killed in some mundane way-like a car wreck Rorschach’s thoughts on the matter
Sally/Laurie Mommy kink
Dan/Rorschach Crazy blow job sessions ass grabbing, hair pulling, dirty talk, doing it against a wall, in a chair, while Dan is piloting Archie, etc
Rorschach/Dan Fem!Rorschach, Daniel has recently started dating Wanda, a nice young woman at the tailor shop where he has alterations done he happily talks to Rorschach about this, suggesting that he might even find someone for his partner to date Dan is completely unaware that Rorschach and Wanda are one and the same
Dan, Rorschach: Gen Bodyswitch, Rorschach-as-Dan being mean to all Dan's friends and Dan-as-Rorschach trying to mother hen everyone
Dan/Rorschach Devestating angst, Dan and Rorschach are lovers pre-Roche after the event, Dan desperately tries to hold Rorschach together as he spirals into a destructive broken mess
Rorschach, Dan: Gen Rorschach's discovery of Nite Owl's real name he always calls his partner 'Daniel', not 'Dan' or 'Nite Owl', what he thinks upon learning Nite Owl's civilian identity something about the name Daniel obviously pleases Rorschach, a look at his thought processes as to why Daniel is the perfect name for his partner
Rorschach/Dan When Dan goes into retirement and gets out of shape and chubby, Rorschach gets upset because he finds him harder to resist
Anyone A character engaging in role-play sex as one another or other characters
Anyone Preferably A=Rorschach, B=Dan [Character A] comes home to find [character B] passed out from over dosing on drugs and [character A] must rush them to the hospital
Dr. Manhattan, Dan/Rorschach Crimebusters Matchmaker! John is able to sense/see the UST between Rorschach and Nite Owl Viewing it as an experiment, he sets events in motion to drive the two closer together anything from hints, a manufactured situation, just plain ol' honesty, etc
Walter/Dan/Laurie, Laurie/Walter early in the arrangement and Walter and Laurie are still mainly just sharing Dan and haven't done anything with each other they become more curious about each other, the tension finally becoming too much and they have sex while Dan's out of the house Shy!Walter and Horny-for-him-but-denying-it!Laurie
Anyone/Comedian The Comedian topped, and hard can be slash, or pegging, consensual or non-con - whatever, just have him fucked into the mattress (or pool table, or floor, or wall…
Any m/m pairing from the Crimebusters Using a sounding wand, bondage and orgasm-denial
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach has an extraordinarily animalistic and twisted sense of what sex is supposed to be like on his knees he asks (clearly as if it's what he thinks is expected of him)for all sorts of the dirty things he's heard Johns say his entire life Daniel goes: "N-no. It doesn't have to be like that." And then shows him how it can be between lovers
Nite Owl I/Screaming Skull Electro-Vibe Kink
Rorschach/Dan Sugar Fetish – granules not cubes
Danilel/Rorchach M!Preg
Dan/Rorschach/Dan(in costume) Walter has a dream that upsets him, physically
Rorschach/Nite Owl One is shot with a poisoned dart and the other must suck it out
Rorschach, Dan: Gen a dimensional experiment run by Doc Manhattan goes wrong alternate Nite Owl and Rorschach are brought through only they're a villain team Nite Owl and Rorschach have to fight their evil doubles
Silhouette/Comedian or Silhouette/Nite Owl I Pegging, post-rape attempt
OMC/Walter Underage sex at the Charlton Home with either one of the other boys after boxing practice or with a teacher or the headmaster
Dan, Rorschach, JEH, PW:Gen Dan and Rorschach meet Jackie and Patrick in RealNY and force them to play heroes with them
CM/HJ Nelly goes to the circus and gets hot and bothered at Rolf doing strongman stuff
Laurie, Dan:Gen Someone’s knocked Laurie up, Dan coos at her baby-bulge
Janey/Moloch Vaguely hurt/comfort, an aging, angry, lonely, bitter duo that have frustrated, brutal, un-fulfilling sex
Laurie/Dan, Laurie/Rorschach Dan leaves for work in the morning and tells Laurie to gag and blindfold herself and lie on the bed before he gets home Rorschach and Laurie have sexytimes with Laurie none the wiser that it isn’t Dan
Full cast: Gen Songfic: Orgy's "Stiches"
Dan is practically blind without his glasses, so when Rorschach has to share a room with him he doesn't worry about taking his mask off or even undress a little, except that Dan is wearing these fancy new things called contact lenses... Pre-roche.
Rorschach/Dan Daniel denies Rorschach’s advances because he just isn’t attracted to him
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach biting down on Daniel during sex to keep quiet
Dan/Rorschach Dan marvels at Rorschach’s ass, spanking, dirty talk
Tom Waits/JEH (in Rorschach makeup) Anything
HJ/CM Mpreg
Dr. Manhattan/Rorschach/Dr.Manhattan After Laurie and Dr. Manhattan break up, Laurie goes to Dan and Dr. Manhattan goes to Rorschach.
Rorschach: Gen How Rorschach came to wear a purple pinstriped suit.
Anything ”You made a yummy sound.”
Mothman/DollarBill Using the straps in a really creative way, animalistic tendancies
Moloch/Sally Dubcon, orgasm denial, use of silk scarves/heavy chains/handcuffs/mirrors
Implied Rorschach/Dan: Gen During his psychiatric sessions in the prison with Rorschach, Dr. Long, in conjunction with the police, attempts to get his patient to reveal the identity of the remaining unknown masks—especially that of his former partner, Nite Owl II
Comedian: Gen Fem!Comedian, completely helpless and completely unable to do anything about it
Rorschach/Dan "Nice to see you back in uniform, Daniel. Shoulda known all you needed was a nice pair of legs to motivate you."
Rorschach/Dan Dan loses control and beats the crap out of someone, Rorschach has to pull him off and calm him down
HJ/CM Metropolis cheats on HJ, who finds out and is not at all happy about it
Walter/Dan Dan and Rorschach confront Veidt in Karnak, and Adrian winds up killing Dan. It could even be accidental. Walter, who's been docile since 1975, comes back to the surface at the loss of the one person he's always loved. Things progress as normal, only when Rorschach begs Jon to kill him, Jon instead zaps him into a parallel reality. There's no Walter Kovacs in this one (Sylvia had that abortion), but there is a Dan Dreiberg, alive and well. Walter has a second chance, and he is *not* going to let this one go to waste.
Full Cast: Gen Medieval-ish fantasy AU, where everyone's knights and such
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach finds Dan disturbingly attractive in his lame Mr. Rogers sweater
Rorschach/Dan Dan became aware of Rorshach's feelings, and instead of dealing with it, grasped the Keene Act as a way to get out of thinking about them
Dan, Rorschach, Jon: Gen Dan refuses to abandon Rorschach, and Jon is compelled to kill them both
Full Cast: Gen Sailor senshi watchmen, pure crack
Rorschach/Dan Fem!Dan, jealous!Rorschach, Rorschach kidnaps Danielle on her wedding day
Rorschach/Anyone Female Rorschach in a believable hetero relationship
Walter/Comedian The picture of the Minutemen was taken in 1940- directly before The Comedian's assault on Sally. However, if he's so daringly aggressive then, he probably had experience. Perhaps a whore or two in 1939? Now, who could be whoring themselves in 1939? For argument's sake let's say this "Charlie" fellow is an elaborate ruse and one Edward Blake is the true father of Walter Kovacs. Years later, Wallyschach figures it out somehow and some wincest comedian/rorschach occurs. Daddy kink
Sammy Jupiter/Holly Mason Minutemen rule 63’d
Anyone/Rorschach Freckled everywhere cough penis cough
Dan/Walter Rimming
JEH/Amelia After the shooting she comments on the changes in his sexual behavior
Comedian/Moloch “Did somebody say rape?”
Laurie/Jon First time
Full Cast: Gen Crossover, a Death Note is acquired by one of the characters
Dan/Rorschach Dan and Walter are BFFs/totally in love with eachother as adolescents and start tentatively experimenting & fooling around, then Dan's dad catches them and sends Dan to private school or something to get him away from Walter, and Dan & Walter lose touch. Years later Dan's become Nite Owl and just met up with another vigilante who reminds him of his first love
Rorschach/Dan Daniel's been seeing some women on and off over the past few months. Rorschach, being the insanely jealous guy that he is, is not happy. But since confronting Dan with his whorish behavior isn't working, he decides to set him up with a girl that he approves of. But when no one meets his high expectations, he must dress himself up as 'Wanda' to keep Dan from the prying hands of whores
One-sided Dan/Nite Owl I Dan doesn't realize that his hero worship of Hollis is basically a full blown crush. It takes Hollis about two seconds to realize this, after he's taken Dan under his wing (pun intended), and he's at a loss about how to deal with it. Should he warn the boy? After all, look what happened to Silhouette, Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice... Awkwardness ensues
Nite Owl II/Twilight Lady He forces her to dress up as sixteen-year-old Silk Spectre II for him
Nite Owl II/Blue Beetle II Crossover, there is some kind of world-threatening wormhole opening up between universes and only Owl/Beetle sextiems can fix it
Full Cast: Gen Band!AU
Mothman/Dollar Bill A good shag and then snuggles in the afterglow
Rorschach/Daniel Abduction as Seduction
Rorschach/Daniel Baddies catch Daniel during one of the duo's nightly patrols and threaten to kill him unless Rorschach unmasks
Full Cast: Gen Dan becomes Rorschach, Rorschach becomes Adrian, Adrian becomes Dan (or maybe Comedian if you want to mix him in there too, and then Comedian could become Dan)
Rorschach/OFC Rorschach coming across a prostitute that looks strikingly similar to his own mother, and when she propositions him he accepts, mommy kink
Rorschach: Gen Rorschach saying some lines from the 'Dark Passenger Speech.' From Dexter: Season Two
Full Cast: Gen Crossover, the Joker intrudes on Veidt’s happy utopia, alive!Rorschach who’s raspy voice can’t be distinguished from Batman’s
Mothman/Minutemen Several different members of the Minutemen passing around a very drunk, very disoriented Mothman
Rorschach/Dan Dan's trying out some flexy yoga-pilates moves as part of his Nite Owl training. Rorschach catches him and starts lecturing on the commie hippy gayness of eastern work-out techniques, but is nonetheless impressed with Dan's bendiness
Rorschach/Dan Daniel’s trying to rediscover his faith and Rorschach pesters him with "logic" and "reason," they end up doing it over the altar
Dan/Rorschach Crack, centaur!porn
Walter/Olive Snook "She's the only woman who ever looked up to him."
Dan/Rorschach While the duo break up an unusually large group of drug dealers, Rorschach gets shanked with a syringe filled with an unknown substance
Dan/Rorschach On a mission one of them gets knocked into a large amount of water and the other has to do CPR to save them
Dan/Rorschach AU timewarp, teacher/student kink
Rorschach, Dan: Gen Nipple Tassels
Rorschach: Gen Rorschach pieces himself together like Jon did, blueness and the same abilities not required
Dan/Rorschach Young Dan and Rorschach, or time manip with one young meeting the other older
Dan/Rorschach Rorschach is turned into a wittle screech owl and is caught mercilessly subjected to Daniel's pro-owl affections when he goes to Dan's place for help
Dan, Rorschach, Adrian Gen Amnesia fic for Adrian: 35 minutes ago Ozymandias meant to push the button to save the world, but before he did, he...oh let's say he tripped on his pimped out marble staircase and hit his head.
Dan/Rorschach Rorschach and Dan (80s era) are both equally disgusted by their own appearance, and each ends up reassuring the other that they are hot. You know. In an entirely heterosexual way.
HJ / 16-yr-old Comedian HJ decides to teach Young!Comedian a lesson some time after the attempted rape. 'Cause you know HJ would be so into that. Violence, non-con, disciplinarian/authoritarian. Bonus points for HJ calling Blake a "vicious little bastard" during.
Dan/Walter Fic based on the Song Remember the Tin man (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BksJ99wIuCw) By Tracy Chapman.
Dan/Rorschach Daniel-comforting-Rorschach-after-the-Roche-case. May or may not involve pronz. OR Rorschach trying to comfort Daniel after Hollis's death
Nelly/Larry Nelly/Larry! Probably Larry's first time with a man. Bonus Points: If Nelly tops and is totally clueless about what to do. Double Bonus Points: If Larry finds out he ALSO likes being hit.
Minutemen or Crimebusters Slumber party- Watchmen style! During the meeting a blizzard hits, everybody's snowed in for the night (at least), no power so they all have to stay in the same room for heat. Can be porn or just everybody-annoying-everybody else shenanigans. Bonus points if they actually use sleeping bags. Double bonus points for pillow fighting, smores, truth or dare or any other demented slumber party activity.
Dan/Laurie At the end of the comic Laurie appears as though she's going to emulate her father (leather costume, guns, etc). How does Dan respond?
Fem!Dan/Jealous!Ror Rough sex against alley wall. +plus marriage proposal? lol Rorschach catches Danielle heavy petting with her date in a alley. Rorschach scares him off for good and then gets into a argument with Danielle which leads to dirty sex against the alley wall. In the after-glow Rorschach proposes because Danielle's NOT a whore to him. Awwwww. :)
Dan/Rorschach Daniel watches helplessly as Rorschach gets shot point blank somewhere not immediately fatal of course, and does the unthinkable: he rushes him to a hospital.
Dan/Rorschach AU fic where Nite Owl didn't retire with the Keene Act (so he and Rorschach are the only masks still active). But they have to tighten up their game because they're illegal now, but being the only ones left brings them closer.
Byron/Sally/Ursula After watching Sally and Ursula argue at a meeting, Byron goes home, gets nice and loaded, strips down to his socks, and masturbates - first, fantasizing about the girls fighting and fucking each other, and then, about them having their way with him. (Obvs, he uses the straps of his costume to assist in his little self-love fest.) BONUS POINTS! If he particularly gets off on fantasized dirty talk
Twilight Lady/Nite Owl Mind-control device - she manages to put the crown on Dan and turn him into her wiling obedient slave. Bonus: Rorschach/Nite Owl, where an angry Rorschach beats Twilight Lady and saves the day, he gets the device but doesn't free Daniel right away...
Crossover: Dan/Dr Horrible h/c, after Rorschach and Penny die.
Gen, Crimebusters In the 70s, the estimated number of active serial killers was pretty high, and most of the big name serial killers (Bundy, Gacy, Son of Sam etc) were active then. Unleash some psychopaths on Watchmen's NYC.
Dan, Laurie, Rorschach Dan, Laurie, Rorschach in Producers: The musical.
Laurie/Janey Jon's away in Vietnam, and Laurie ends up running into Janey. Can end anyway that appeals to you
Crimebusters/Tentacle Monster TENTACLE SEX! Possible targets: Rorschach, Laurie, Dan, together or apart.
Minutemen AU All the Minutemen are alive and (mostly) sane - How would they feel about retirement? The newer superheroes? The Keene act? The squid? Would things have gone differently?
Dan/Rorschach Mpreg, prefer Dan as the "Mom"
Songfic, ?/? Where did I go wrong / I lost a friend / Somewhere along in the bitterness / And I would have stayed up with you all night / Had I known how to save a life.
AU, Everyone Everyone is Final Fantasy or DnD or some kind of RPG thing. Or maybe an anime. And at least one of them ends up with spiky blue hair.
Daniel De-age Daniel.
両性的 (りょうせいてき)

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Adrian/Teen!Daniel Adrian takes pictures of a tied up Daniel for his boys folder and ends up fucking him and calling him a good boy (video taping of course.) Ror finds out Adrian has been molesting under-age boy.
Rorschach and DICK IN A BOX I don't care how or why, just make it happen anon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhwbxEfy7fg&feature=PlayList&p=E7442EE11A3F243C&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=6
(Ghost!)Rorschach/Laurie/Dan Rorschach's ghost possess Laurie, Rorschach is not really happy to be in a woman's body but tries to pretend to be Laurie so that Daniel doesn't suspect him. But Daniel figures it out and is happy to see his friend again, Leads to weird sex.
Dollar Bill/Mothman Dollar Bill and Mothman are doing their job, and one of them (doesn't matter who) gets temporally blinded somehow. H/C situation, possibly taking care of the injured, lovely comfortsecks.
Byron/Bill Cool, classy, sure-of-himself Byron in an expensive suit and diamond signet ring and a glass of Martini in hand on some high-class social event. I'm thinking about Bill being also present, and feeling awkward about all the cash smell, Byron being all seductive and driving a white Jaguar. Car sex is always an option.
HJ/CM Manly fluff. No S&M and no cotton candy; something in-between.
Captain Metropolis/any Minutemen villain bondage, dub-con, dom!Nelson
Seymour/Rorschach or Bernie/Bernard One-sided or just something slashy.
Dan/Rorschach Fic to the song 'Prison Bitch".
Hollis/Sally Sally tops from the bottom. The night before her wedding, Hollis breaks down and tells Sally about his feelings for her. She takes advantage of his vulnerable emotional state, it leads to hawt sexin', etc. BONUS POINTS if it turns out that it's not just Nite Owl II who has a definite costume kink.
Dan/Rorschach Daniel in his snow owl suit. Rorschach finds it oddly attractive/cute/cuddly and cannot resist a hug or two. Daniel is a horny pig, and turns Fluffy Cuddle!Timez into Sexy!Timez.
Rorschach/Nite Owl Rorschach and Nite Owl are on Patrol one night and find a pregnant woman in deep Labour. Nite owl calls an ambulance but the baby is on its way and they have to help her immediately. Nite Owl handles down low because Rorschach refuses to, so Rorschach has to hold her hand. Points if she breaks his hand.
Dan, Laurie Dan and Laurie, still around in the 2050s, still youthful and kicking ass. Your pick why they're still around.
Rorschach/Dan Ninjas break into the Owl's Nest and kidnap Dan, is Rorschach bad enough to save Dan?
Crossover: Watchmen/Elfen Lied Because that show is fucked up.
Crossover: Rorschach/Johnny the Homicidal Maniac http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_the_Homicidal_Maniac
Rorschach/Dan (Inspiration: "Dead Like Me") Rorschach is dead, but comes back as a grim reaper. And how Walter would deal with being dead, his new job of releasing souls, being a watcher to death unable to do anything to stop it, and his Temptation to see Daniel again. Also the other Grim reapers teaching him how things work.
Crossover: Dan/Tony Stark when Dan was at Harvard, he totally had awkward fumbling nerdsex with Tony Stark at MIT. What were they both into? Model railroad? Go? Did Tony recruit Dan's help for some epic hack?
Captain Metropolis/Nite Owl I Nelly catches HJ with yet another boy and fucks Hollis in retaliation. Of course Hollis knows exactly what his game is, but poor Nelly is so distraught that he just can't bring himself to turn the guy down. Which isn't to say that he doesn't get a bit miffed when Nelly screams HJ's name at orgasm, because really.
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach on top riding Dan's cock or Dan on top riding Rorschach's cock.
Walter/Dan Sharing a bath pre-Roche. No bitching or snarling from Walter, because he's not crazy yet and therefore has not digivolved into his Stanky Hobo form. Sexytiems pretty much required, because come on, how cliche is bath porn?
RPF: JEH/JDM Just six little letters but, oh, the possibilities.
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach discovers Dan's porn collection. Dan's gay porn collection.
Dan/Rorschach Rorschach starts to hang out with another member of the Crimebusters and doesn't go to Dan's house for food as often. And Daniel a bit relieved at first starts to miss it and eventually confronts him.
Rorschach/Dan Pre Roche! Rorschach and Daniel after a Crimebusters meeting Jealous Rorscach and spanking!
HJ/(pre)Captain Carnage The possible origin of Captain Carnage?
Dan/Laurie/Walter Road trip - A long one in a smallish car to... New Jersey. Dan drives [because who trusts Rorschach with a driver's liscense?], Laurie gets shot gun, and Walter can complain and sleep in the back row. Slash is optional.
Rorschach/Laurie Doggy-style sex. Bonus points if Rorschach kisses Laurie's back.
Rule 63: Wanda/Dan Dan wants Rorschach, but is in denial because he 'Isn't gay' He decides to go to Adrian for some advice about it. At some point, Rorschach reveals to Dan that he is actually a Woman. And Dan is overjoyed and says aloud "That means...I'm Not Gay!"
Minutemen Temporary genderswap
Rorschach/Dan Dan with a danger kink. Actual danger.
Dan/Hollis Daniel wants to continue the Nite Owl legacy, huh. I wonder what form the admiration of an effeminate awkward teenage boy took before/after/while he wrote to Hollis.
Crossover: Manhattan/Invader Zim Dr. Manhattan encounters real Alien life in outer space, and they are not at all what he expected.
Rule 63: Danielle/Wanda Danielle helps Wanda appreciate the fun things that boobs bring
Dan/Rorschach Incident happens to Dan/Nite Owl, 1.) where he is forced to blow some guy or is used. So Rorschach has to make the first move. 2.) or Rorschach/Walter out right begging for it.
Comedian/OC Comedian goes to the rescue of some random woman. He beats up her captors and finds her in a back room. She's gagged and tied and blindfolded and has no idea who he is. So of course he has his way with her before leaving and coming back in to her rescue. Bonus points for a redhead. Double bonus points if he can get her to agree to a date.
Sally/Male Villain Dub-con. Bondage. Pegging.
Rorschach/Dan(?) Twilight Lady decides Rorschach needs to loosen up and enjoy himself, so she forces him to take a whole lot of Ecstasy.
OT3 + Manhattan Dan, Laurie and Ror are shacking up together when Dr. M comes back from Mars for sex a visit. He can be as many hims during sex as you want.
Dan/Sally De-aging optional.
Rule 63: Daniel/Wanda Dan tres to win Wanda's heart with advice that doesn't always work (http://www.wikihow.com/Woo-a-Gir)l
Nite Owl/Rorschach Ror/Dan first meeting or them deciding to team up soon afterward.
Rule 63: Nite Owl/Girlschach Period Crossover. "Watchmen" as written by Georgette Heyer.
Rorschach/Dan Pre-Roche. Rorschach is turned into a woman through some sort of Applied Phlembotinum and, being Rorschach, feels he is doomed to be a whore. He eventually has lots of sex with Dan (maybe after doing it with another male hero?), who loves him no matter what and promises to be there for him in his new body.
Rorschach Masturbation.
Teen!Dan/Hollis Teenaged Dan writes self-insert fan fiction about Hollis Mason. Can be porny or not
Daniel Dan goes to Hooters. Art Fill
Rorschach/Laurie Scar worship.
Rorschach/Laurie/Dan Laurie gets pregnant. Who's the father?
Dan/Rorschach As written by Stephanie Meyer.
Kid!Walter/Kelly Leak Crossover - Bad News Bears. Kelly Leak and a young Walter Kovacs have an encounter. (there is an art fill to this somewhere...)
Adrian/Dan Wax play.
Laurie/Rorschach Nite Owl's sick and can't go on patrol, and somehow Laurie ends up being a substitute. Neither of them are happy about it, and then something goes wrong and they get chained together... Or something like that....
Rorschach/Nite Owl (or Walter/Dan) Rorschach comes WAY too soon, Dan didn't even have to touch him, and he apologizes because he thinks it's whoreish (but really could that be anymore virgin?). AND then! And then Dan can get it up out of costume for that. All that happens right in the middle of Dan apologizing for NOT getting it up. Bonus points if he is still hard after he comes.
Gen: Nelly & Larry Nelly's all-hour phone calls to Larry about HJ.
Dan/Rorschach Dan tickles a tied-up Rorschach with owl feathers.
AU: Walter Kovacs, William Kovacs, Daniel Walter Kovacs have always worked hard in the garment industry to support himself and his crazy BAMF crime-fighting twin-brother William Kovacs. Until one day said twin brother got sick/has a secret paranoid stakeout/fell through a plot-hole etc. and for some reason Walter has to pretend to be his brother for a few nights.
Hollis fic based on This (http://ph1shf00d.deviantart.com/art/Just-Like-That-118935396) picture.
Minutemen or Crimebusters BEAUTY SCHOOL AU
Crossover: Semi-Pro, Rorschach/Dan/Dukes Rorschach/Dan meet Dukes.
Dan/Rorschach Dan moves, Rorschach doesn't know.
Silhouette/Hollis Silhouette is just out and about doing a normal civilian thing in broad daylight, then Hollis runs by in full costume, grabs her by the arm, shouting "COME ON SILOHUETTE, THERE'S EVIL ABOUT".
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach trying to be alluring, for some unGodly reason. Eventually in Daniel's bedroom wearing nothing but the mask. Unprompted.
Minutemen or Watchmen At the beach.
Daniel/Walter AU: Daniel Dreiberg has plans. Plans on punishing the wicked. Plans on inventing things to help humanity. Plans to resurrect the good Night-Owl name. But he didn't plan on falling in love with Hollis Mason's adopted son Walter Kovacs. Extra points if Walter has just started out as Rorschach and no one knows.
Crossover: Watchmen as Bad News Bears Bad News Bears style Watchmen. Adrian as the team manager. Walter starting fights! The Comedian! Daniel! Laurie! Sexual tension ahoy! The villains of Watchmen as the rival team? Minutemen members as mentors?
Crossover: Minutemen Sherlock Holmes AU Silhouette as Holmes (and the Nurse as Irene Adler?!), Sally as Watson, Hollis as Mary Morston, Moloch could Moriarty, Eddie could be Sebastian Moran, Captain Metropolis as Lestrade. OR whatever you come up with.
Anyone, esp. neglected characters Fisting. Preferably with the bottom at first really reluctant/dubious and then finding their inner size queen and getting completely into it.
Rorschach/Nite Owl Rorschach with a clothing fetish.
Rorschach/Dan Voyeurism/Masturbation
Mary-Sue Inspired by http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4993096/1/Teh_Soopr_Gost_Gurl
Rorschach/Dan/Comedian Rorschach ends up being dressed like a girl to catch a rapist.
Rorschach/Dan Rorschach gets captured and Dan goes to save him.
Walter/Dan AU fic. Walter doesn't read about Kitty Genovese's death in the paper, so he doesn't start fighting crime as Rorschach. He still meets Dan (it's up to you how - maybe Dan saves him from a mugging or comes to him for custom uniform sewing?). Porny times hopefully ensue!
Rorschach/Dan Dan has an accident at home one day which results in Rorschach finding him in a position close to death that looks almost suicidal. Rorschach saves Dan in time, but the end result is Rorschach staying at Dan's house to keep an eye on him to make sure it doesn't happen again. Sexy time ensues.
Rule 63: Dan/Wanda Dan meets Wanda one day and starts dating her during the day, while fighting crime with Rorschach in the night - not suspecting they are the same person.
Phantom/Bubastis Complete and utter crack.
Minutemen and/or Crimebusters A Watchmen version of The Dating Game.
Dan/Rorschach Jealous!Rorschach. A fish is involved.
Dan/Walter Dan give an unconscious Walter a Sponge Bath.
Dan/Rorschach Avian incubation!
Watchmen The Watchmen as MASKED MEXICAN WRESTLERS!
Walter/Sally Jupiter m-solo Teenaged Walter gets himself off to a stolen pin-up/Tijuana bible/old newspaper photos/whatever of the first Silk Spectre. He hates himself for it and proceeds to hold a lifetime's grudge against the stupid whore for CORRUPTING him. Annnnd, GO.
Rorschach/Laurie Violence as an aphrodisiac.
Rorschach/Nite Owl Rorschach is caught under Moloch's spell, and Nite Owl has to save him.
Dan/Laurie/Rorschach Rorschach calls Laurie a whore. And Dan gets mad. Dom!Dan with Rorschach on the bottom.
Crossover: Indiana Jones/Dan While he's at Harvard, Dan on a whim signs up for an archaeology course taught by a famous visiting professor...
Watchmen Watchmen: AT SEA
Crossover: Watchmen/Kim Possible Inspired by: http://wom-bat.deviantart.com/art/When-Crossovers-Attack-2-42258357
Janey/Laurie/Jon What if Janey had also taken a liking to Laurie?
Rorschach/??? "Rorschach... when did you get that nipple piercing"
Crossover: Sandman, Rorschach/Endless Inspired by http://spam-monster.livejournal.com/813.html?thread=68909#t68909 - Rorschach's encounters with the other Endless.
Rorschach/Dan Both Rorschach and Daniel take on the Roche case.
Rorschach Tickle Fic.
Dan/Rorschach E.M Forster-ish turn of the century AU
Bill/Hollis Hollis says in Under the Hood that Dollar Bill was one of the nicest and most straight-forward men he ever met.
Dan/Rorschach or Eddie/Adrian Teabagging.
Dan/Rorschach Protecting the other instead of pursuing the bad guy.
Hollis, Dan/Rorschach "Hollis Mason, 'Marriage' Counselor.
Eddie/Laurie While flirting with Eddie, Laurie feigns being far more sexually experienced than she actually is.
Rorschach/Laurie Rorschach gets hurt and Laurie has to take care of him.
Crossover: Wuthering Heights, Dan/Rorschach Dan = Cathy; Rorschach = Heathcliff.
Rorschach/Dan Perky!Happy!Rorschach. Maybe he found prozac. Maybe Moloch's fucking with him. Maybe he's just having a good day. Who knows
Anyone Talking dirty.
Dan/Rorschach Make Rorschach not die. Should ideally lead to crying!Daniel (And comforting!Rory?) and life-affirming!sex.
Crossovers Thread Multiple fandoms listed.
Crossover: Stephen King Stephen King's 'The Mist' Like they really did open a door to another world that leaks into earth.
Watchmen AU AU - Watchmen, John Hughes style.
Crossover: Dethklok Comedian vs. Nathan Explosion (or anyone)
Crossover: DC Universe Twilight Lady/Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn
Dan/Rorschach Adrian-induced Genderswap.
Mothman/$Bill Some minor $B angst ending in yummy fluff or porn
Watchmen AU AU - Some Kind of Wonderful
RPF - JEH/PW JEH & Patrick are surfing the internet, kinda laughing at all us silly fans and our R/NO prons when they come across RPF smutfic of themselves.
Dan/Rorschach Dan spends time in Africa studying. Rorschach misses him.
Crossover: House, Dan/Rorschach Daniel falls ill with some mysterious sickness, and Rorschach takes him to the only doctor he feels is capable of treating his partner: Gregory House.
Rorschach Blood kink.
Hooded Justice/virgin!Nelson Rough sex, bottom Nelly, D/s, canon stuff lol; dirty talk, maybe some sweetness at the end?
Daniel/Byron In Dan's ornithology article, he mentions visiting a "sick acquaintance" in Maine.
Dan/Twilight Lady, m-solo Dan fapping to the picture of Twilight Lady.
Daniel Dan is such a nice man, but when he loses it, it's incredibly hot.
Rorschach/Daniel Feverish!Daniel, Rorschach must care for him.
Dan, Rorschach, Jon Dan and Rorschach, first time meeting Jon after he decides to ditch the man panty.
Dan/Rorschach Dan pet-sits Phantom (i.e. Hollis' dog). Rorschach comes in. DUN DUN DUN.
RPF: Matthew Goode/Anyone Male or female pairing ok.
Adrian/Rorschach Karnak - Adrian "persuades" Rorschach not to tell.
Watchmen Crossover: Paranoia Agent
Rorschach Rorschach laughing. Genuinely, and yet taken rather aback by it. (not ticklefic)
Squid/Adrian Psych!Squid uses its mind-reading skills to find out what Adrian plans to do to it. It decides to make him pay for playing ro murder it. Cue tentacle rape.
Mothman/$Bill Angst - What if Mothman was with Dollar Bill at the bank robbery?

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